Best Green Coffee Bean Extract 2013

Green coffee bean supplements are so popular these days. This is thanks to how it was patronized in the Dr. Oz Show. As proof to its popularity, supplements of this kind run out of stock immediately. Well, this is not because people think of it as a hype. It is simply because it works as promised.

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There is actually one active compound in green coffee beans that is said to help with weight loss problems. That is what they call chlorogenic acid. This chlorogenic acid has assets in it that help it boost the body’s response to metabolism while at the same time inhibiting the body’s glucose release. As a result, this makes the body targets stored fat cells as one of its energy sources. At the end of the cycle, you will feel you have lost weight for your overall health.

Green Coffee Bean Supplements – Your Options

Despite the hype that comes with green coffee bean supplements, there is a trouble that comes when making an option. You can consider the fact that there are plenty of them emerging just around the corner and this may sacrifice the integrity of the supplement when it comes to helping with weight loss. Several answers need to be answered.

First, you have to know whether the product you get is of the highest quality. Quality speaks a whole lot of things about the experience you should enjoy when using the product. You should make sure that the supplement is indeed extracted from pure, fresh green coffee beans. You will only be able to prove that by knowing how it has been backed up by scientific studies. You can of course consider the success stories behind the product too.

Second, you also have to ask if the supplement is right for you. You may have seen this warning many times: Results may vary from one individual to another. The very same thing applies with green coffee beans. You have to consider the experiences of other users with these products. You have to see how their bodies responded with their use of green coffee bean supplements. Were there any side effects? Are weight loss results achievable or noticeable within the period of time promised by the product?

Also, you have to know if the product has been customized for you. If it is right for you then it might be customized for you; this you may assume. Some products have been made in different varieties so as you may enjoy the benefits of green coffee beans. You may come across liquid supplement varieties; this is ideal for those of you who have a hard time swallowing a pill you have popped up in your mouth.

Last but not the least – you may consider the product’s money back guarantee. Ask if it is good enough to meet the deadline. Meaning to say, you should determine whether or not results are delivered within the span of time as promised.

Now, that we have given you your options for green coffee bean supplements, we are also helping you more as we list the best green coffee bean supplements in the market.

#1 GC Phase 2

GC Phase 2GCPhase2Rating

GC Phase 2 is the best Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement we found. What separates them from the rest is that they actually contain pure green coffee bean, which is what make you lose weight. A lot of the other companies we reviewed did not even contain pure green coffee even though they said they did. The pure Green Coffee is what actually makes you lose weight.

GC Phase 2 has followed all of the recommended guidelines that Dr. Oz and the practicing physicians in the clinical studies set. They have the exact amount of Green Coffee (1200 mg per day), they are manufactured in a FDA Registered Lab, and made in the U.S.A. Also, they have no fillers, binders, or extra harmful chemicals. To top that off they also provide 24/7 live customer service and are a U.S. based Company.

They have clearly done their research and the results people have gotten have been inspiring. They also have a 120 day, no-risk money back guarantee where they even refund shipping. At this time, GC Phase 2 is currently running a deal where you can get a free bottle is you buy 2 bottles.

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#2 – Green Coffee Bean Max


Green Coffee Bean Max – this is a weight loss formula that is said to assist with your chosen weight loss program. It is noted to be a breakthrough that has been scientifically proven to help with your desire to shed off pounds from your body. Like other green coffee bean supplements in the market, it is so popular (perhaps, the most popular among options you have for this weight loss supplement).

The reason why Green Coffee Bean Max is so popular with end users is because it delivers the many benefits the body needs when it comes to losing weight. It has no additives thus it is safe to use. You surely would want that. Also, it helps increase fat oxidation in the body.

Green Coffee Bean Max is said to deliver the above purposes simply because it has been extracted from the freshest coffee beans. It is never roasted thus its chlorogenic acid content is not sacrificed. These facts have been proven to work by user and even experts as well.

Green Coffee Bean Max is yours for a price of only $49.95. It even comes with free bonuses for select packages.

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#3 – Pure Green Coffee


The name of this product alone will make you favor it as an option to lose weight with green coffee beans. As prove to that claim, the product has been found to help boost your metabolism while you also burn fat faster than usual.

Since it is made from pure green coffee, this product is all natural thus safe also for weight loss. Safety is never an issue with this supplement making it free from side effects. While your body enjoys weight loss with the use of Pure Green Coffee, you will never feel any negative impact on your body.

You can enjoy this product for free at a limited time offer.

#4 – Super Green Coffee


Yet another green coffee bean that is taking the market’s hype for weight loss supplements is the Super Green Coffee. Marketed as the original green coffee bean, this one is a combination of two green coffee bean extracts namely the green coffee bean extract standardized to 50% chlorogenic acid and the Svetol green coffee bean extract standardized to 45% chlorogenic acid and 50%total polyphenols.

The combination of the two makes the product work as it slices up fat from your body. This works even without the need to exercise. Also, they work safely because they have no binders included in the pack.

Super Green Coffee is currently being offered at a price of $49.95 which can ultimately help you lose up to 10 pounds plus up to two inches of fat from your belly.